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  • Wearable musical interface

    A wearable MIDI interface using a wireless sensor network

    The idea behind this project is to use a wearable WSN to produce music. The user wears a certain number of sensors, sampling accelerometric data: these data are mapped into MIDI messages, that are routed toward a musical software. The WSN is seen as a standard input MIDI peripheral.
    The platform allows new expressive forms based on gestuality: using more sensors placed on the body (with an appropriate mapping), it could be possible to link different forms of expressivity, such dance and music.

    For more details: [slides | video | audio]

  • Inverted pendulum

    Real-time PID control of an inverted pendulum

    This project was developed for an Embedded systems class: we implemented a PID controller for a mechanical inverted pendulum. It was very interesting to experiment in practice with a simple control plant. Unfortunately the system we had to control had some mechanical issues, and it was very difficult to work with it. The result was however quite demonstrative, but certainly far from many awesome demonstrations that can be found on the web (surely achieved with better built systems)!

    For more details, see the following project report | videos: 1|2

  • Vision-based lane tracking

    Implementation of a lane-tracking system for autonomous driving using Kalman filter

    I developed this project for a Digital Control Class: it consists of a system that is able to identify and track lane marks in a video acquired by webcam. It's interesting how the Kalman filter is used in such a context in order to make the lane detection computationally feasible in the small amount of time between two subsequent video frames.

    If you are interested, here are some related resources: [slides | video]

  • GreenBuilding

    GreenBuilding - A WSAN based system for energy efficiency in buildings

    This project was my bachelor degree work of thesis. The system - based on wireless sensor networks and powerline control network - is able to monitor and automatically control energy consumption in buildings. Beyond the project stage, I implemented a working prototype from scratch.
    The project, resulted in two scientific publications at IEEE international conferences (ISCC'11 and ISDA'11), has also attracted the attention of several media.

    The press review can be found here.
    A screenshot of the running application can be found here

  • Helmet & Arm

    Gyro helmet controlling a 5 DOFS robotic arm

    I worked on this project for a Real Time Systems class. It is basically a pointing device, based on a gyroscopic helmet controlling a little robotic arm. We worked on great hardware (FLEX Boards) from Evidence s.r.l and Embedded Solutions s.r.l, with a Real-Time OS called Erika Enterprise (Open Source RTOS for single- and multi-core applications).

    See this short demo video or this (very) brief project report (in italian, sorry!) for more details.

  • JS Space Invaders

    JS Space Invaders

    This was a funny project I developed for a Web Technologies class: it consists of a quite faithfull reproduction of the famous '80 game called Space Invaders (written in JavaScript).

    You can play here... Have fun! :-)

  • Service Oriented Library

    SOAlib (Service Oriented Library)

    A C++ library implementing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in Unix environment. Great attention on concurrent and distributed paradigms, modular, object oriented. Massive use of STL and Boost libraries.
    Test services are related to image storaging and processing.

    You can see a screenshot of the running application here

    (the photo being elaborated by the program in the screenshot represents a glimpse of Pisa, my city :-)

  • JSecureChat

    JSecureChat - A secure group chat based on SSL

    This is a simple project I developed for a class named Security in Computer Systems.

    It consists of a graphical chat written in Java + Swing: security issues where addressed using the Java Security Extensions.
    You can see a screenshot of the running application here

  • JmmCompiler

    JmmCompiler - A compiler for the Jmm language

    This was a great project, developed in my first year: it consists of a compiler (written in C++) for a language called J-- (a very small subset of the Java programming language). This was my very first C++ application massively based on the object oriented paradigm.

    A short project report can be found here (in italian, sorry!)

Other stuff and news

See also my academic page on the website of the BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna.

  • 04 nov 2013 - I am now a PhD Fellow in BioRobotics at the BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna
  • 26 jun 2013 - Just finished the online Machine Learning class from Stanford University on Coursera! Awesome!
  • 9 may 2013 - Finally I graduated! I'm really happy that this chapter drawed to an end... Next step: find an intriguing PhD :-)
  • 24 mar 2013 - My MSc thesis is drawing to an end, and I will finally graduate on the 9th of May!
  • 19 sept 2012 - I have started working on my master thesis @ PERCRO (Perceptual Robotics Laboratory) of Scuola Superiore S.Anna
  • 12 sept 2012 - Today I wrote a silly shell script that notifies you via email everytime a web page changes its content. You can use it to avoid polling your professor's webpage while waiting for exam's grades to be published :-p If you think that this can be useful to you, you can find it here (Maybe I should have wrote it before: I won't use this script for long, since yesterday I did my last exam! :-))
  • An overview on Quantum Key Distribution Systems [slides]
    Quantum Computing course (within the context of the "Excellence Program")
  • "Intelligent Systems" class project: comparing the effectiveness of standard neural newtorks, NARX networks, fuzzy systems (FIS and ANFIS) for fitting and predicting the energy consumption of a building given a noisy dataset
  • "Electronic devices" class project: VHDL implementation of a digital circuit calculating the atan function using the CORDIC algorithm
  • Completed the Advanced Track of the Stanford online course "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence"... awesome experience! :-)
  • Study of P-Systems for approximating NP-Complete optimization problems [slides]
    Bioinformatics course (within the context of the "Excellence Program")
  • Social network analysis project [slides]
    Social networks analysis course (within the context of the "Excellence Program")

About me...

My name is Francesco, I was born on the 2nd August 1988 in Pisa (Italy), where I currently live.
I received a MEng in Computer Engineering (cum laude, within the Excellence Program) on May 2013, and a BEng in Computer Engineering (cum laude) in October 2013, both from University of Pisa.
At the moment I am a PhD Fellow at the BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Pisa).
I'm very curious and fascinated about everything related to computer science, robotics, artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences.
In my free time I like listening to music, playing the bass guitar, and cooking :-)